"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing."

W. Edwards Deming,
A founder of modern management



TopoDOT offers a comprehensive process designed to realize the full value of modern geospatial point cloud project data. The TopoDOT process (green) essentially fills the gap from data acquisition through product delivery. Each step is critically important to executing a quality-controlled process meeting the requirements of downstream planning, design, engineering, maintenance and other operations.

"For well over a decade, I've run successful geospatial operations employing TopoDOT as the primary point cloud project processing solution. TopoDOT's intuitive process has proven critical in assuring the highest performance standards. It's also made it relatively easy to supervise quality-controlled digital twin production."

-- Paul DiGiacobbe - BBGeomatics


TopoDOT tools are optimized to effectively execute the process with the right balance between automation and quality. Quality assurance capability has been integrated into almost every automated extraction tool. Thus highly automated tools extract features quickly, while quality is assessed immediately and corrections made efficiently within the same tool. This integrated approach to TopoDOT tool performance allows TopoDOT to push the limits on extraction speed while avoiding time and liability associated with extraction anomalies and errors.

Complex Breakline Extraction

Curb and Gutter - 10 feet (3m) per second

TopoDOT Template Extraction Technology

ADA Ramps, Driveways - 1 feature per 20 seconds

TopoDOT Smart Cell Technology

Roadway Corridor Topography

Roadway - 8-10 miles (16km) per 1 man-day

TopoDOT Automated Stripe, Template Extraction, Automatic Road Surface Extraction and more. . .

Complex Corridor Features

Roundabout - 1 roundabout per 8 hours

TopoDOT Automated Stripe, Template Extraction, Automatic Road Surface Extraction, Smart Cells and more. . .

3D Structural

Bridge - 1 bridge per 4 hours

TopoDOT Cross Section Extraction, Automatic Local Coordinate System (ACS) orientation, Extrusion along direction or path and more. . .

Railroad Corridor Topography

Complex Rail Corridor - 15+ miles (24km) per 8 hours (with asset extraction)

TopoDOT Template Extraction for Rail, Automatic Asset Extraction with AI, Automatic catenary (cable) extraction, Automatic surface extraction and more. . .

Asset Survey

Signs, poles, vertical assets - 10 assets per 1 minute (2 minutes with attribution)

TopoDOT automatic asset extraction with artificial intelligence

Production times are based on performance reports from the worldwide TopoDOT user community. TopoDOT's training programs contribute significantly to achieving optimal performance.

"TopoDOT is integral to the success of our production team. TopoDOT has helped streamline traditional survey practices and brought them into the future with automated tools that give the capability to make changes quickly and efficiently. The best part is the tools keep getting better and better!"

-- Justin Cary, Mobile LiDAR Manager - GPI Geospatial Inc.


TopoDOT's process contributes directly to your bottom line!

It's pretty simple! Your operational profits are determined by the difference between product revenue and cost of executing your process. Technician time is a primary cost driver in your process. TopoDOT's high productivity dramatically reduces technician time and consequent production cost. But that's not all! In addition to increased profit margins, TopoDOT's high productivity contributes significantly to:

Accelerated schedules
Higher production capacity
Increased equipment utilization

The TopoDOT® process is typically at least 10 times faster than competing extraction software. An investment in TopoDOT® yields high returns quickly!

"Profit is the result of the success of your business and customer support. TopoDOT plays a key role in our Geospatial Service's LiDAR workflows.

It allows us to exceed our customers' expectations by utilizing efficient and advanced tools to provide a quality final product in an impressive amount of time."

-- Joe Di Benedetto, PLS Vice President/Director of Surveying and Mapping/Geospatial - DRMP

Your Geospatial Experts

Team TopoDOT has decades of experience in developing processes supporting a wide spectrum of the latest geospatial technologies. Contact us for advice in training and scaling your team to execute a process optimized for operational and financial success!