Digital Twin Production at the Lowest Possible Cost

TopoDOT is a comprehensive solution to manage point cloud data, assess data quality and extract topographies, models, analyses and other forms of digital twins. Geospatial data acquired along road, rail, utility and other land survey applications present unique processing challenges. The TopoDOT production process is designed to meet these challenges with the right balance between automation and quality, thereby ensuring complex project requirements are met at the lowest possible cost.


TopoDOT realizes the inherent value of point cloud data acquired along road and highway transportation corridors. Intuitive yet highly automated tools extract complex features quickly and accurately. A quality-controlled process delivers topography models, 3D structural models, GIS asset data and other digital twins meeting project requirements where and when they are needed.

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TopoDOT includes highly automated tools to extract features unique to rail. Individual rails, ballast topography, catenary, tower and other assets extracted quickly. Each process yields the highest quality extraction with quality assurance validation. TopoDOT's quality-controlled process yields rail corridor topography models, 3D structural models, GIS asset data and other digital twins.

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Structural Modeling

From topography contours to highly detailed models of any structure, TopoDOT offers highly productive tools and workflows for 3D model extraction. The synergy of hundreds of TopoDOT feature extraction tools operating on a mature and powerful CAD engine offer unrivaled performance.

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Throughout your road corridor, you are bound to have hundreds of assets that need to be extracted. The cost and time needed to manually extract attributes and locations of these assets can be daunting and expensive. With TopoDOT's automatic asset ID tool, extracting these assets has never been easier. Through machine learning, the tool can differentiate the types of assets and attributes throughout a project and automatically find them for you. Allowing you to focus on efficiently getting those asset deliverables in the hands of those who need it most.

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TopoDOT offers an extensive collection of analysis tools designed for specific operations within the context of transportation corridor and general infrastructure related operations. These highly automated tools typically perform repetitive operations to extract and document many aspects of road geometry, clearance measurements, corridor encroachment, line of sight analysis, vehicle simulation and many more.

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TopoDOT's applications are set up to make sure that quality assurance and control are always part of the extraction workflow. Ensuring that deliverables can meet high standards, while also maintaining a productive and efficient project schedule.

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Data Management

Create your own project data warehouse with TopoShare Basic! Organize your data and deliverables into well-organized project bins for easy storage, fast location, and inexpensive transfer!

Use TopoShare Enterprise to integrate geospatial services across all operations providing measurements, analyses, and digital twin models where and when they are needed!

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Why TopoDOT?

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TopoDOT is more than just a collection of tools. TopoDOT is a comprehensive process solution! Execute well-documented process to manage and share you data, assess data quality, and extract deliverables meeting the highest quality standards. Use our new TopoShare web-based service to place yourself in complete control offering data-hosting and continuous services across downstream operations.

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TopoDOT offers a comprehensive tool suite providing just the right balance between automation and quality. Quickly extract topographies, assets, 3D models, measurements, analyses, and reports when and where they are needed!

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TopoDOT's License programs were designed for the financial success of the TopoDOT community. Unlimited free installations and pay-for-usage annual fees make it easy to match your processing capacity to your current demand. New innovations like TopoShare web-based services are designed to expand your business opportunities at very low cost and technical risk.

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TopoDOT Support and Training

Need guidance on our tools and workflows? We've got you covered! TopoDOT offers many different options in support and training to make sure you get the help you need to become a TopoDOT expert!

From resources like our University and Wiki sites, to our one on one demos and training, there's many excellent ways to improve your workflow.

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