Who We Are

Here at TopoDOT, we pride ourselves on our connections with those we work with in both our own company, and in the LiDAR industry. We are a tight-knit company who work hard on building relationships and supporting our community. We are passionate about LiDAR technology, and want to share that passion and excitement through our software solutions.

Picture of Ted and international team with a customer
Picture of TopoDOT Tech training customer on a laptop

Our Mission

We are always passionate to bring the best in CAD software solutions to help companies build a better workflow, and ease the stress of high maintenance, high budget projects. At TopoDOT, we strive to help companies become leaders in the forefront of the CAD and LiDAR industries. The potential for change and better technology in this industry is unrivaled, and we hope to have you join us in catching that wave.

Our Team

Ted Knaak


Dawn Keller

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Triana

Business Development

Felipe Sayago

Account Development Manager

Mike Cook

Senior Applications

Mauricio Terneus

Senior Software Engineer

David Terneus

Lead Web Developer

Randy Allen

Director of Training and Support

Zach Diaz

Senior CAD Technician

Jean Paul Hernandez

Applications Engineer

Marcela Moreno

Market Development

Ryan Knaak

Software Developer

Austin Silcox

Software Developer

Andra Catias

Senior Support Engineer

Filipe Pinto

Sales Manager
Europe, Africa, and Asia

Guangdong Qiao

Sales & Marketing Director