Geospatial data acquired along roadway corridors has unique characteristics that can present a challenge to the production of topographies, models, analyses and other forms of Digital twins. These short video examples demonstrate TopoDOT's unique approach to addressing those challenges with the optimal balance between automation, productivity and quality.

Paint Stripe Extraction

Break-Line Extraction

Road Extraction

Bare Earth Extraction


TopoDOT applied to rail corridors offers unrivaled performance. Unique and highly automated process technology assures rail features are extracted to the highest possible accuracy supported by the data. Automated assessment tools verify and document Digital Twin quality.

Rail Extraction

Ballast Extraction

Catenary Wire Extraction

Rail Assets

Structural Modeling

The implementation of TopoDOT within a mature CAD platform yields a powerful solution to extracting complex 3D models from geospatial data. Synergy between TopoDOT's extensive tool suite and existing 3D CAD modeling capabilities provide limitless opportunities to produce 3D Digital Twin models meeting the requirements of any supported operation.

Building Modeling

Bridge Modeling

Step Modeling

Tunnel Modeling


TopoDOT exploits the information rich data acquired by modern geospatial systems to extract assets in support of topography models and GIS database applications. TopoDOT offers highly productive tools to identify, locate and extract GIS assets from within the raw geospatial data. AI driven tools achieve the highest levels of productivity with quality control integrated directly into the workflow.

Asset Identification

Transmission Lines

Distribution Lines

Tower Extraction


In addition to Digital Twin production, TopoDOT offers an extensive collection of tools dedicated to performing highly automated analyses and simulations. These tools extract and document actionable information from geospatial data and/or Digital Twin models. The list of analysis tools includes: bridge clearance, cable clearance, barrier height, vegetation encroachment, pavement distress, earthworks volumes, wall monitoring, road surface geometry, curve geometry, curve design speed analysis, tractor trailer simulation, rail car simulation and many more.

Pavement Distress

Vehicle Simulation

Cross Slope Analysis

Volume Analysis

Wall Monitoring

Tunnel Simulation

Road Geometry

Bridge Clearances


TopoDOT offers a highly automated tool suite designed to quickly assess and document project data characteristics and quality. Automatically documented results establish and quantify a traceable lineage from point cloud and image data to geospatial reference coordinates. Data assessment is critical to the execution of a quality-controlled Digital Twin production process.

Point Cloud Deviation

Point Cloud to DTM

Point Cloud to Control

Data Coverage Assessment